Wide Range of Minibars and Safes that Suits Your Needs

Zenros MEA has been announced as the exclusive MEA supplier of minibars from Minibar Systems. We offer a wide range of minibars in various sizes and designs, both automatic and classic models. Thanks to the innovative absorption technique, low energy consumption and eco-friendly elements, our minibars allow guests access to cold drinks without any disruptive buzzing or humming noises. The models are quick to install – simply put them in place and switch them on – making them a safe bet for all room types.

Minibar Smart Fridge – NEW Model

SmartFridge, an innovative new product from Minibar Systems, redefines hotel in-room convenience refrigerator technology with benefits for both guests and hotels. The LED control panel allows guests to customise their user experience with ON/OFF, SNOOZE, and QUICK COOL touch buttons. Hotels benefit from the advanced energy saving electronics that allow the unit to be shut down in vacant rooms, saving up to 50% in energy consumption.

Hotels are now able to offer guests the amenities they ask for and benefit from our fundamental commitment to develop sustainable products. Read more about minibars in our webshop.

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Minibar PRIMO – Classic Model

A classic minibar is a minibar model without a built-in system for adding consumed goods to the guest’s bill. The classic minibar PRIMO has a generous interior and simple, elegant design. It offers consistently low energy consumption and is environmentally-friendly, as all its parts are recyclable.

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Minibar SmartCube – Fully-automatic Model

This fully-automatic minibar has a built-in system that gives you full control over content, stock and consumption. It is equipped with intelligent infrared sensors and an interface compatible with all common booking systems, which means that goods consumed are added directly to the guest’s bill.

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Experience the most reliable, user friendly in-room safes on the market today. Minibar Systems provides a secure solution for all market segments, including limited, selected, full service hotels, resorts and cruise ships. SmartBox is available in two models: Laptop and Top Open.

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